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Driving Without a License Defense in Maryland

The right to drive is not guaranteed, it is considered a privilege in Maryland. A valid driver’s license is freedom in and of itself. Having a current driver’s license is your passport to using Maryland’s roads and highways. If you are pulled over and you don’t have a license — because it was revoked or suspended, or because you just don’t have one — your day just got worse.

You may believe you have a good explanation: You didn’t know your license was suspended. (This can happen.) You are in an emergency. You have no way to pay your bills unless you drive to work without a current license.

Caroline Norman Frost has the experience and the knowledge of the legal system to represent you when you are in driver’s license trouble. She represents people who are:

  • Driving without ever having any kind of license
  • Driving with an expired license
  • Driving with a license that has been temporarily taken away (suspended)
  • Driving with a license that has been canceled (revoked)
  • Driving without proof of a current license
  • Driving without auto insurance
  • Applying fraudulently for a license

All these offenses become more serious when the driver is intoxicated, there are children in the car, or a person is injured. People driving commercial vehicles may find their very livelihood jeopardized.

Our lawyers can get you on the path to license reinstatement. Usually it begins with a letter requesting reinstatement. Once you submit this request, you may not drive, even if your suspension period is over. Your license will be reinstated only when the driver’s license bureau notifies you.