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Montgomery County Adult Drug Court


The Montgomery County Circuit Court Adult Drug Court is a comprehensive, voluntary treatment program for adult offenders suffering from a substance use disorder. The goal of the program is to reduce recidivism by providing intensive services and supervision to address substance dependence and criminal thinking. Adult Drug Court staff work with treatment providers, community organizations, law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, and correctional facilities to holistically address the disease of addiction.

To promote the interests of the offender and the community in which he/she lives, the Montgomery County Circuit Court Drug Court provides an alternative to traditional case processing and disposition that emphasizes the value of:

  • Collaborative treatment planning, case management, and judicial decision-making;
  • Dedicated leadership and professional resources who are well-informed on the cycle of addiction and its consequences;
  • Positive reinforcement and rapid response to success;
  • Graduated sanctions as vital to the support and reinforcement of the adopted treatment interventions and to motivate compliance with the requirements of the program; and
  • Long-term treatment and sanctioning models that have a reasonable tolerance for relapse that is consistent with the recovery process.

The Program is a minimum of 20 months and consists of 4 phases and aftercare. All participants are required to:

  • Engage in substance abuse treatment;
  • Attend recovery meetings;
  • Appear for frequent status hearings;
  • Meet with a case manager on a regular basis; and
  • Reside in court-approved housing.

Anyone is able to make a referral to the Montgomery County Adult Drug Court Program.

If you would like to have a defendant evaluated for possible entry into the Drug Court Program, please contact the Problem Solving Courts Coordinator at 240-777-9141 or via email at [email protected].


Summary of Drug Court Intervention Track (pdf)
Intervention Track – Participant Handbook (pdf)
Intervention Track – Participant Handbook (Spanish) (pdf)
Download the Adult Drug Court Referral and Pre-Screening Form(pdf)
Download the Adult Drug Court Agreement (English)(pdf)
Download the Acuerdo del Tribunal de Drogas(pdf)
Download the Adult Drug Court Readmission Agreement(pdf)

Admission Requirements:

  • An adult resident of Montgomery County, Maryland;


  • Sanctioned and approved by the Office of the State’s Attorney for referral to the Drug Court Program as part of a binding plea agreement;


  • Referred as a condition of a violation of probation (VOP);
  • Non-Violent;
  • Assessed as suffering from a substance use disorder; and
  • Fully capable of participating in Drug Court activities and programs.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate, participants must:

  • Successfully complete all of the program and probation requirements including all restitution and costs;
  • Satisfactorily complete community service and other program assignments
  • Successfully complete 180 continuous days of clean urinalysis;
  • Prepare for and attend a Graduation Review Board and Exit Interview;
  • Receive a positive recommendation for graduation by the Drug Court Team; and
  • Receive the approval of the Drug Court Judges.

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