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The most effective defenses in homicide cases typically require extensive experience with the use of medical, scientific and psychiatric expert witness. It is not uncommon for there to be multiple experts in one homicide or murder case. Crime scene experts, forensic psychiatry experts, blood splatter experts, forensic pathology experts are just a few of the possible experts that could be beneficial to a defense in a homicide case. Homicide cases can be very complex from a scientific and medical perspective. They can also go on for years. The majority of homicide cases are handled by state prosecutors, but sometimes an accused person can be federally charged with homicide if the homicide is related to a charge with federal jurisdiction. Murder is charged as first degree if it is determined as premeditated, deliberate and malicious. Homicide can also be charged in the first degree if it occurs during the commission of a felony such as rape, arson, robbery, kidnapping. If you are charged with murder or homicide in any degree, then you need an attorney as soon as possible.