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Child Sexual Abuse Cases

The prosecution of these cases is a very high priority in the state court system and the federal court system. You could be arrested, held in jail until trial, and potentially incarcerated for part of your life or the rest of your life depending on the age of the child, the sexual act(s) on the child, the number of charges/convictions and the possible penalties for each.  Maryland has very complex and tough sentencing laws, some of which are new and related to specific types of charges. Extensive experience with child sexual abuse cases is most helpful in providing effective representation in these cases. These cases very often involve the use of psychiatric experts and referral to treatment to develop sentencing options relevant to these types of cases. Having an attorney that is familiar with reputable experts and treatment options is extremely important. If you have been charged with Child Sexual Abuse then you need an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Caroline Norman Frost is a former prosecutor prepared to help you. Call the Law Office of Caroline Norman Frost as soon as possible.