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Child Pornography Cases In Towson, Howard County, Montgomery County, Queen Anne’s County and Annapolis.

The availability and sophistication of the world wide web, the internet as a whole, and the dark web, has resulted in an expansion of prosecutions for internet crimes involving the possession of child pornography, the manufacturing of child pornography and the distribution of child pornography.  The use of computers to watch or trade child pornography and/or the use of smart mobile devices to watch or trade child pornography is charged in state and federal courts. If federal prosecutors or the United States Attorney’s Office become aware of your state charges, they could issue a Federal Letter of Intent to Prosecute (FLIP letter).  The U.S. Department of Justice has made the prosecution of these cases one of its highest priorities in recent years. Accordingly, a significant portion of our caseload had been the defense of these cases in recent years. The defense of these cases often requires experience with the use of forensic computer experts. A detailed familiarity with relevant mandatory sentencing statutes as well as the federal sentencing guidelines applicable to these cases, is also required. These cases very often involve the use of psychiatric experts and referral to treatment to develop sentencing options relevant to these types of cases.