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It is natural to feel stressed and frightened if you face accusations of domestic violence. Having a skilled, assertive attorney on your side can put you at ease and help you feel optimistic about the future once more. At the Law Office of Caroline Norman Frost, I work with clients in Baltimore County and the surrounding counties to defend them from criminal charges involving domestic abuse.

Domestic Abuse In Maryland: What To Know

Under Maryland law, domestic violence involves an act of abuse against a current or former intimate partner, relative or member of your household. Some of the most common criminal charges in these cases include:

  • Assault and battery
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Stalking
  • Harassment
  • Kidnapping
  • Sex crimes (College Sexual Misconduct, Statutory Rape, Child Pornography)

An alleged victim of abuse often petitions the court for a protective order (also called a restraining order). These are court orders that prohibit the accused from committing certain acts against the petitioner. A peace order is similar to a protective order, but the petitioner can use a peace order against an offender who is not a family member, partner or household member. If someone has filed one of these orders against you, I can represent you in your hearing to try to get it removed.

Inside Defense Knowledge From A State Prosecutor

Before founding my criminal defense law firm, I worked as a prosecutor for the state of Maryland. I handled numerous cases involving violent criminal offenses, including domestic abuse. From this experience, I have inside knowledge of the state’s weaknesses when it comes to prosecuting domestic violence cases.

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