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Vehicular Manslaughter

Highway fatalities are devasting and unintended. No one gets in their car and drives knowing that they are going to unintentionally cause the death of another person down the road. No one sets out to cause a highway fatality. If you were in an accident that caused someone’s death, you will deal with shock and guilt and you will also deal with the legal consequences simultaneously. You could be charged with vehicular homicide in any of these circumstances:

  • You were exceeding the speed limit
  • You were driving intoxicated or on drugs (DUI)
  • You were driving recklessly, without concern for the safety of others
  • You were driving while distracted, focusing on a secondary activity such as texting or eating

You may also be charged with negligent homicide if you fell asleep while driving.

All of these circumstances may lead to charges, which may result in heavy fines or time behind bars. This is an alarming turn of events for any driver. You are obliged, for your family’s sake and for your own sake, to select an attorney who is experienced and effective in vehicular homicide cases, to guide you safely through the ordeal that lies ahead of you.

We will listen carefully to your story, then work quickly to:

  • Gather evidence, to understand exactly what happened
  • Review the testimony of eyewitnesses
  • Interview witnesses, when appropriate
  • Devise a strategy for your legal defense
  • Utilize respected experts to substantiate your story
  • Fight the charges from every angle