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Sex Crimes

Being accused of a sex crime is a life shattering experience, specifically when the charges involve a minor or child of any age. The younger the victim is and the more serious the sex act is, the more life altering the legal process can be. The stigma and consequences, including having to register as a sex offender, can last a lifetime. Your business, your friendships, your family relations, your job, your housing…all are at stake here.  Caroline Norman Frost understands the fear that comes with sex crime charges.  She is prepared to defend you against accusations involving the following types of cases:

  • Distribution or possession of child pornography: Child pornography cases are often referred to federal prosecutors. Depending on the number of images and their content, you could face a substantial federal prison sentence, lifetime supervised release and a lifetime of reporting as a sex offender, even if you have no prior criminal record.
  • Physical or sexual abuse involving children: In Maryland, child abuse usually involves acts such as striking a child on the face or beating a child. Child sexual abuse involves allegations of molestation, fondling or rape of a minor.
  • Soliciting a minor: Law enforcement agents often pose as minors in online chat rooms and forums such as Craigslist, seeking to discover internet users who solicit minors. Were you entrapped in this way, leading to criminal charges of sexual solicitation of a “minor” who was actually a police investigator?
  • Claims of soliciting or prostitution: If you have been accused of soliciting a prostitute, the damages to your reputation and your family relationships can be far more serious than any criminal penalties you face. If you are engaged in and have been charged with prostitution, I can certainly help you.