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At The Law Office of Caroline Norman Frost, we ensure that clients will have an experienced criminal defense attorney on their side.  Experience is what makes a difference in the outcome of cases. We also focus on providing the best client-attorney interaction and communication.  Your questions will not go unanswered if you hire The Law Office of Caroline Norman Frost to represent you. I am dedicated to providing the defense you need, and I truly care about protecting your future.

As a former prosecutor, I have seen first hand how the state of Maryland constructs prosecution strategies. I draw from this inside knowledge to mount a strong, proactive defense. Based in Anne Arundel County, I serve clients throughout Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County and Howard County.

I understand that facing a criminal charge is an emotional time, and I treat you with respect and compassion. With that said, I also take an aggressive approach when it comes to criminal defense. There is nothing in my power I will not do when it comes to fighting for your freedom.

How I Can Help You

When you work with me, I listen carefully to your side of the story. From there, I act quickly to spot the weaknesses in the state’s case and build a thorough counterattack. From reviewing documents, gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses, I explore every angle for your defense. Some of the charges I often handle include:

The state has extensive resources at their disposal to investigate and prosecute the case against you. It is crucial that you have an experienced defense lawyer on your side who can level the playing field on your behalf.

Talk To A Lawyer Who Cares About Helping You

Your future is on the line in a criminal case. I am prepared to fight for you. To discuss setting up a free, confidential initial consultation, please call my office in Annapolis at 240-249-2269 or send me an email.