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Do you want to clean up your record? Or does someone you know want to clean up their record? Having a criminal record can make normal goals seem impossible to achieve. A criminal record can affect employment, education, housing, loans, security clearances, and more. Expungement is available for individuals with criminal records if they fall under the eligible criteria.  More criminal records became eligible for expungement in 2017 due to the Justice Reinvestment Act. If you or someone you know is seeking an expungement in Maryland, then it would be very helpful to hire an attorney that is familiar with Maryland’s expungement statutes. Contact the Law Office of Caroline Norman Frost to find out which past charges are eligible for expungement and get your expungement requests filed today by calling 240-249-2269.

Your criminal record is something that may be affecting your career and your personal life. A criminal case can potentially affect your immigration status, ability to get employed, ability to live in public housing, child custody rights and more. Thousands of people in Maryland have cases on their criminal record that may be eligible for removal from public record.

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What is a request for expungement?

By requesting an expungement, you are asking the State to remove information about a case from court and law enforcement records including documents at State’s Attorney’s Office and within actual law enforcement agencies. When a criminal record is expunged, it will no longer be on Maryland Judiciary Case Search nor will it be available as public record.

If you want a case expunged from your record, contact Caroline Norman Frost and she will file a petition for expungement with the court in the jurisdiction that you were charged in. Below are some of the types of cases which are eligible for expungement in Maryland:

  • If you were found not guilty
  • If your charges were dismissed or Nolle Prossed
  • If the crime you committed is no longer considered a crime
  • A crime in which you received a disposition of Probation Before Judgement (PBJ), unless it was a DUI/DWI
  • A conviction for Theft, Burglary or Possession with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance

Not every case can be expunged in Maryland

In Maryland, a 21-902 offense (Driving While Under the Influence or Driving While Impaired – DUI/DWI) in not eligible for expungement if the defendant receives a PBJ (Probation Before Judgement) or a Guilty verdict/disposition.

If you are unsure of whether your criminal record can be expunged, call us at 240-249-2269 for a free consultation. As former prosecutor that reviewed expungement requests for the State, Caroline will be able to get your expungement request completed quickly.