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How can getting a DUI affect your job and car insurance?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | Criminal Defense, Drunk Driving Charges

You go out for a night of fun in Maryland with friends and have a couple of drinks. You had a well-deserved evening of relaxation. But the vibe changes dramatically shortly after you start your drive home. Blue and red lights behind you and your now pulling over to the side of road. That’s right, you got pulled over and arrested for DUI! One of your biggest fears is how it will affect your job. One your best moves at that point would be to immediately call Caroline Norman Frost.

License suspension and loss of auto insurance

If license wasn’t suspended already due to refusing to submit to a breath test, it could be suspended upon conviction for driving under the influence, which could impact your ability to get to work. Relying on Uber, a taxi or rideshare services is expensive and often impractical for a long-term license suspension.

Drunk driving charges also reflect negatively to auto insurance providers. As a result, some insurance companies will refuse to continue providing coverage to a driver that has been convicted of a DUI. If this happens to you, you may not have any way to get to work or you may lose your job entirely if you drive for a living.

Loss of professional license

Certain professional licenses can be revoked from individuals who are arrested or convicted of DUI. A few examples include doctors, nurses, lawyers and accountants. If you hold any of those professional licenses, you could lose yours and your career as well.

Missing time from work

A drunk driving arrest means you will have to miss time from work to go to court, meet with your lawyer and prepare for your case. You could also go to jail if you are convicted. Even if the charges are dropped, missing work for court could affect your job. You could end up being terminated because of all the time you miss at work.

Trouble finding a job

If you’re searching for a new job and you get arrested for DUI, you might have an uphill battle. Many employers require applicants to reveal whether they have ever been arrested or convicted of a crime. You cannot lie on your application, but even answering truthfully could reflect badly on you.